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BraneCloud Vision Statement

Build upon existing frameworks to create an industrial-strength evolutionary optimization platform for synthetic intelligence research.
  • Gather related open source frameworks, converting or integrating with them for use in .NET.
  • Adapt core frameworks to take advantage of important .NET 4.0 subsystems and features including:
    • TPL – Task Parallel Library extensions (Multi-Core Optimization).
    • WF – Integration with AppFabric, Azure, and Trident.
    • WCF – Coordinated communications among various types of nodes.
    • WPF – Presentation Framework controllers, dashboards, and utilities.
    • EF – Abstract away the data access implementation to work transparently with domain models.
    • Etc., etc.
  • Integrate – Develop the “glue” that generates synergy, moving well beyond the sum of parts.

(More To Come…)

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